Now more than ever, America is divided. Split right down the seams and torn apart by politics, we are Democrats vs. Republicans. Citizens of their respective parties sometimes despise individuals across the aisle just for their party affiliation when in reality, they probably share far more similar views than differing or opposing ones.

No longer will citizens select their leaders based on a (D) or an (R). We are citizens of the United States of America, and we should select the leaders that most represent our values as just that. There is a huge middle ground that is underrepresented in American politics, and our system has become far to black and white.

Republican vs. Democrat

The reality of political split between the two parties.

The shared views and issues of mutual benefits.

In a general sense, the Citizens Party is economically conservative and socially liberal. We want lower taxes and a smaller government with a capitalistic economy, while recognizing the forward progress of equality to champion social justice no matter your race, culture, or religion.


Building the Citizens of America Party (COAP) is a team effort. We are all inclusive, and you are the driving force of our movement. Our success depends on your involvement in your community. If you are ready to work to protect our fundamental freedoms, to fight for a smarter and more efficient government, and to ensure that every American has an equal opportunity to succeed, then join us.